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How do you envision perfect transportation?

July 19, 2019

It begins with a thought.

Care-Drivers LLC is making travel life easier. There is no more wishing you had an affordable personal driver. We’re here! We are the only driving company that is certified, trained, and gifted to handle your driving needs. Proudly servicing the state of NY, we understand the main focus of comfort and driving excellency. 

Who are we? 

We are modern companions on wheels. We do more than just driving our customers to and from their homes. We help them run errands, take walks, attend social gatherings, recreational activities, trips, and customized travels.

Care-Drivers LLC provides transportation and run errands on behalf of busy executives or individuals looking to complete additional daily tasks. 

How to arrange your next pick up.

Our courteous drivers are waiting for your call or message. Please reach out to us at least one hour before your departure time. This will give us time to assign a personal driver to you.

Stay tuned for more articles. We can’t wait to share the next update!

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Care-Drivers LLC Team

Care-Drivers LLC

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